Coyote Classic Sniper Shoot

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Saturday 25 June 2016

This shoot is designed for new or experienced shooters. All bulls are 1 inch in size or larger. There will be a little stress introduced in the match 2 course of fire to make things interesting and provide a spread in the final scores. There is plenty of time to complete the shoot even if you are using a single shot rifle!

If you intend to compete or have any questions, contact Ken Rodd at:
Early registration can be done by EMT at the same email address.
Or walk on Registration starts at 8:30 am, with the first relay to start at 9:00 am, rain or shine. Registration will end at 2pm but we will shoot until 4pm.

Classes: Bolt and Semi Auto
Scoring: Lewis system
Prizes: Canadian Tire Gift Certificates

Equipment: Any scoped rifle, single shot or magazine fed up to .308 cal.
Rifles must be zeroed prior to the shoot as there will be no sighting in or practice shots.
Scopes with at least 10 power are highly recommended. Bipods and rear sandbags are also required.
You will need 42 rounds to complete the course of fire.

Entry Fee: $25.00 for first registration. You can shoot each class and make follow up attempts to beat your previous scores. $10 for any follow-up attempts or for separate rifle class shoots.

C.O.F: All Targets will be shot PRONE at 100 yards

30 + rounds in 25 minutes Prone
Rifles at the firing line with ammunition, bolts open.
Shooters start standing 10 feet behind the line.
On the whistle, move forward, lay prone and shoot all 30 rounds.
Bipods and rear sandbags aloud

Match 2: MOVE & SHOOT
10 rounds in 10 minutes (Bonus points for 11th round)
10 different 1” bulls plus Bonus bull.
All ammo is left 10 feet behind the firing line
Rifles at the firing line with bolts open.
Shooters start standing 10 feet behind the firing line with one round.
On the whistle, shooters move forward and shoot one round at one of the 10 targets.
Shooters get up, retrieve the next round, move forward again to the firing line and shoot a different target. Shooters continue retrieving rounds & shooting targets till they have shot all 10 targets. If shooters have time left, they can retrieve the 11th round and shoot the bonus target.


G.R.G.C. Swap Meet. 2016

Date:  April 23  2016
Time:  10 am to 3.30 pm, set up to begin at 9 am.
Place:  Main Club house.

Admission is free to all Guelph Club members and their guests.
This event is not advertised elsewhere.
In house swap meets are a unique and practical method of sharing your firearms and associated shooting/ hunting and reloading paraphernalia and trading or selling to fellow members.
Special Transport permits are not required.
Your P.A.L., Club A.T.T., and registrations are adequate documents to participate and must be on hand for vendors.

To satisfy C.F.O requirements, we need to adhere to the
following rules:
-Trigger locks on restricted/prohib. firearms.
-Actions open and safe.
-No ammunition that can be chambered for guns on your table.
-Magazines out.
-Vendor tables must be attended at all times. Designates maybe used to fill in for vendors.
-Club I.D. to be shown at the door.

There are twenty 4’ tables available to vendors.
Table bookings in advance recommended. First come -first serve.
Tables may be shared by multiple vendors if they register accordingly with one main contact.
Vendors are encouraged to bring adequate funds to make change for transactions.
P.A.L.s must be produced for firearm or ammo transactions.
Legal transfers are mandatory for applicable firearms.

Soft drinks and coffee will be on hand.

Failure to adhere to safety requirements may lead to expulsion from meet. All Guelph Gun Club rules are in effect and may supersede or supplement other rules.


John Stigge , preferred or 416 648 2617


Bill C-42 Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act

Bill C-42 and ATTs and what that means for members. GRGC along with all other shooting ranges and clubs in Ontario received the attached letter from the Ontario CFO’s office on September 9, 2015. Please review the attached letter carefully as it clarifies the recent changes to the Firearms Act.

Long Term Authorization to Transport, also known as Culb ATTs, and LT-ATTs, are no longer being issued. Instead 6 new conditions are electronically attached to your valid firearms license.

  1. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited handguns (12(6.1)) of
    the Firearms Act) possessed for the purpose of target practice to and from all
    shooting clubs and ranges approved under section 29 of the Firearms Act
  2. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from
    any place a peace officer, firearms officer or Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) is
    located for verification, registration or disposal in accordance with the
    Firearms Act or Part III of the Criminal Code.
  3. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a
    business that holds a licence authorizing it to repair or appraise prohibited or
    restricted firearms.
  4. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to and from a
    gun show.
  5. Transportation of restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms to a port of
    exit, in order to talte them outside Canada and from a port of entry.
  6. Transportation of newly acquired restricted firearms and/or prohibited firearms
    from the place of acquisition to the licence holder’s dwelling house or other
    place authorized by the CFO.

Bill C-42 – Common Sense Firearms Licencing – All Ontario Shooting Clubs – Executive and Members.pdf


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